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The RenEx Experience One Day Workshop

In this content packed video, you will get a bird's eye view of this exclusive one day workshop held on site at OVERLOAD Fitness.  Come join this private workshop and learn from the RenEx Team as you will discover:

  • Josh Trentine instruct someone through a body weight workout/demonstration so you can immediately apply this to your training or that of others if you have no access to RenEx equipment.
  • Why we use TSC as pre-exhaust for certain dynamic, compound exercises and the profound effect this has on your results.
  • Hear an in depth conversation about spondylolisthesis and its effect on trunk exercises.  Also, learn how to screen for a facet problem. 
  • The importance of the force couple. The RenEx Team reveals a detailed outline and precise instructions/verbiage utilized to get somebody to force couple. They go on to identify incorrect actions that will negate the couple. Josh demonstrates on ventral torso so you can see exactly how this is performed so you can implement this technique immediately in your own training.
  • Discover the “only 5 words” a subject should verbalize during an exercise so that their entire focus is on your instruction.
  • Learn how to produce force gradually and how important this is for proper application of the protocol. You will hear the precise instructional cues/verbiage used to accomplish this along with computer feedback to support his demonstration.
  • See for your own eyes the graphic interface we utilize during dynamic and TSC exercise that cuts the learning curve of the client significantly!
  • Learn why we don’t squeeze on compound pushing movements and why this mistake can ruin a set.
  • Witness a live set of dynamic Leg Press, iLeg Press, and iPO/PD all utilizing computer feedback! (seeing is believing)...

You get immediate access to this video that has never been shared with the public.  This alone far outweighs the investment in the RenEx Inner Circle.  

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Monthly Articles That Will NOT Be Made Public

As you know the RenEx blog has provided a tremendous amount of innovative, cutting edge-information for FREE over the last few years and it still will BUT you will be privileged to the more in depth and some what controversial information developed and stumbled upon by the RenEx team. This is the perfect opportunity for us to let our guard down and give you a sneak peek behind the curtain of the RenEx innovation.  These articles will only be made available to members of the RenEx Inner Circle.

      Video Of The Month

This may very well be the most requested, demanded piece from the RenEx community.  Every month you will have unrestricted access to videos produced by the RenEx Team, which will go more in depth than words can convey in the monthly articles. By providing this in depth look via video it will give you a crystal clear view of latest techniques, instruction, etc that you will be able to immediately go and implement in your own training or that of others if you own a business.  The possibilities are endless.  We believe this will be a resource that you will go back to time and time again and will have it for the lifetime of your membership. Again, these videos will be for members only so you won’t want to miss out!!! 

What's Joshua Up To?

In this module you will get an exclusive look into the private life of the President of RenEx and OVERLOAD Fitness and professional natural bodybuilder Joshua Trentine where he will share only with the RenEx Inner Circle members his approach to training, nutrition and bodybuilding! 

Never Before Told Stories And Secrets Directly From Ken Hutchins

Not many in the industry have been exposed to and lived to tell the tales of the experiences that Ken Hutchins has endured. In this monthly module Ken will share never before heard stories and secrets that most are afraid to tell.  Anything from his days at Nautilus with Arthur Jones to his dealings with other experts in the industry and his real world experiences from the inception of SuperSlow up to and including the evolution and innovation of RenEx!  Ken will also share some of the lost content from the SuperSlow Guild and what has changed and why.  This will be one module you will be looking forward to month after month! 

Business Mastery

If you own a business then you are in for a treat!  Every month, Jeff Tomaszewski will show you exactly what is working to not only retain clients but to also attract new and former clients.  You get an in depth look into the business systems that have been the backbone of building a 7 figure personal training business.  You will receive done for you tools so you can implement them immediately in your business to add profit to your bottom line so you can make your business work for you and not the other way around.  After all, if you're like most entrepreneurs the goal should be to own a business NOT a job!  Every month Jeff will help you get one step closer to that goal.  This information alone is worth thousands of dollars but you get it as part of your RenEx Inner Circle membership for less than a dollar a day. 


RenEx Inner Circle Members Only Forum

This is your chance to ask all the questions you have ever wanted to ask from some of the top professionals in the industry.

Not only will this give you exclusive access to the RenEx Team (this is the ONLY place you can interact with Ken Hutchins) but you will also be able to network and communicate directly with like minded exercise specialists. No more outsiders trying to push hidden agendas or sabotage our mission.

Look, we learn as much from interacting with our community as we do in our daily interactions with our clients and our own training. This forum will not only help you but us as well and together we can explore new areas never dreamed of in the exercise industry.  This alone is worth far more than the membership investment!

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